Secure VoIP Services

Eliminate Anamolous VoIP Traffic

Protect Against DoS Attacks

Mitigate Security Attacks

Carrier Class Scalability

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Protection against

  • 40,000 different VOIP threats & attacks
  • Zero-day attacks on SIP networks
  • exploitation of both known and unknown SIP vulnerabilities against Well known VOIP Devices - End Points/IP PBX/Softswitches/Softclients/Applications etc.

Provides a comprehensive and correlated Attack activity

  • Who, What, When, Where, and How!

Real-time Global SIP/RTP Threat Intelligence and automatic blacklist updates


RedShift’s Condor Labs
Security Central - Attacks

Fraud Detection & Prevention


ProActive & ReActive Toll Fraud offering:

  • ProActive – Protects against network based preemptive attacks that result in Fraud/Loss of Revenue
  • ReActive – Rich User Call Behavior Analytics with flexible rules language

Protect against all forms of Toll Fraud activity

  • Subscriber frauds
  • VoIP fraud
  • PBX hacking
  • Roaming frauds
  • Premium service frauds, etc.

Ensure 100% compliance of all SIP traffic


Analytics capabilities


Provide rich advanced contextual driven analytics at the three VOIP/UC layers:

  • Network layer
  • Application layer
  • User layers (SIP/UC focused)

Provide rich forensic and troubleshooting/debugging capabilities

  • SIP Call Ladder Diagrams, Error Codes, UA, Active Sessions, Call Recording etc

Identify top services used, areas of SIP network under lots of stress, networks that show suspicious/anomalous activities, etc.