80 Million Daily Robocalls Eliminated Through New Partnership, Unclogging Enterprise VoIP

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AveriStar Partnership with RedShift Networks Boosts SHAKEN and STIR Robocall Defense through Emerging IETF Interoperable Standards.

Charlotte, NC – November 12, 2018

AveriStar today announced a new strategic partnership with RedShift Networks to help carriers cut down on robocalls from both law-abiding groups like charities and corporations as well blocking criminal scam operations.  AveriStar’s carrier-class expertise with complete session border controller (SBC) implementation and managed service pairs perfectly with RedShift’s dynamic VoIP security, threat intelligence analytics and proactive fraud prevention technology. This new partnership will help carriers gain first-mover advantage to implementing new FCC rules and avoid the $82 million in fines allowing telephony providers to block likely robocall connections before they reach customers.

AveriStar’s new RedShift partnership will help carriers deploy real-time VoIP security that implements FCC rules blocking calls from invalid numbers (e.g. spoofed originating numbers). Redshift’s Unified Communication Threat Management (UCTM) platform establishes a baseline for normal voice traffic along with unique algorithms to verify and authenticate legitimate users.  Once established, anomalous traffic levels or call attempts from unregistered users are dynamically blocked. RedShift’s unique approach to implementing the new SHAKEN/STIR standards within SBCs, promises to both block the majority of current scam robocalls and stem the tide of likely robocall mutations.

The Federal Trade Commission also working to stop robocalls and began a new information-sharing initiative with telecoms in August. Through this system, the FTC shares specific consumer complaints about Do Not Call and robocall violations to telecom companies’ ad call-blocking solutions. This ensures full distribution of the list of flagged phone numbers the FTC is constantly collecting across North America.

RedShift UCTM technology is an early adopter of emerging interoperable Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) anti-robocall standards used by mobile and VoIP calling services to validate cryptographic digital call signing.  These protocols standards will help AveriStar and RedShift customers validate legitimate source traffic and dynamically block a spoofed robocall system. The protocols, Secure Handling of Asserted Information using ToKENs (SHAKEN) and Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) are in IETF and carrier testing right now.

“With the rise of toll fraud across voice platforms, AveriStar’s customer priority centers around finding and integrating a solution like the RedShift UCTM platform,” said Mark Averi, co-founder and CEO of AveriStar.  “We help carriers find and integrate a solution that not only protects their users but also proactively detects robocall fraud in their network.  RedShift Networks products have been deployed in many carrier networks using the BroadSoft platform and is a cost effective and user friendly solution that is a natural partnership benefiting our clients with a robust set of tools including early detection, reporting and the ability to automatically block VoIP threats.”

“More than 4 billion Robocalls were attempted in September 2018 alone, victims have been scammed hundreds of millions of dollars,” said RedShift Networks’ Co-Founder and CEO, Amitava Mukherjee. “FTC formal complaints document more than 1.9 million unwanted and illegal robocalls logged during the first five months of 2017.  This is the number one compliant that cost carriers valuable time, theft of service and threatens to leave mission critical systems open to vulnerabilities as well.”

About AveriStar

AveriStar provides BroadSoft-based Service Providers and Carriers with unparalleled engineering services, advanced technical support, and some of the best classroom and video training in the business. AveriStar has deployed multiple platforms in the last eleven years to include SBC’s, PSTN Gateways, SIP Peers, and various SIP End Points. Our Express Platform Manager is a BroadWorks enterprise management application built for the BroadSoft platform. Express delivers enhanced provisioning functionality, coupled with advanced customer care management tools to improve and streamline workflows that platform administrators and provisioners utilize daily and is AS 805 compliant.  AveriStar, a “Certified BroadSoft Technical Partner” and “Re-Seller”, was founded in 2007 by former BroadSoft employees Mark and Matt Averi and added Glen Gaillard as an owner in 2017. For more information, please visit www.averistar.com; Rick Brashear, 573-270-7015, rick@averistar.com.

About RedShift Networks

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, RedShift Networks is a global leader in providing Cyber Security solutions for Global Carrier and Cloud Communications Operators to secure and protect their VoIP/SIP based networks. Our Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM) software and appliance-based systems deliver VoIP/SIP Security, Threat Intelligence Analytics, and Fraud detection technology.  Our highly scalable, reliable and patented UCTM software allows for unprecedented real-time visibility into operator’s VoIP networks allowing our customers to immediately detect and automatically mitigate security attacks and fraudulent events. For more information, visit www.redshiftnetworks.com; Ray Muscatell, 978-602-6969, ray@redshiftnetorks.com.

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