Bullseye Teams with Redshift Networks to Deliver Scalable, Secure Enterprise VoIP Services

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Anti-Robocall Approach includes new FTC, IETF and SHAKEN/STIR Initiatives

San Ramon, CA – May 14, 2019

RedShift Networks and customer BullsEye Telecom, the leading national multi-location communications solutions provider, today announced a new partnership to deliver advanced cyber security solutions for protecting and securing enterprise VoIP/SIP based networks. Bullseye’s innovative approach uniquely implements RedShift’s dynamic VoIP security, threat intelligence analytics and proactive fraud prevention technology. These safeguards deliver industry-specific compliance for regulatory sensitive clients, including the healthcare, finance and government services industries.

“Our clients now have access to an incredible portfolio of cloud, voice and unified communications security protection through our partnership with RedShift Networks. Together, BullsEye and RedShift now offer clients proven solutions and security to protect their VoIP and UCaaS networks against expensive malicious attacks. We are preventing theft, fraudulent transactions and service downtime,” said Vilas Uchil, vice president of Technology & Engineering for BullsEye.

BullsEye clients have recognized the need for RedShift’s Unified Communication Threat Management (UCTM) platform to establish a digital communication baseline for normal voice traffic along with unique algorithms to verify and authenticate legitimate users. Once established, anomalous traffic levels or call attempts from unregistered BullsEye clients are dynamically blocked. RedShift’s unique approach to implementing new SHAKEN/STIR standards within SBCs promises to both block the majority of current scam robocalls and stem the tide of likely robocall mutations.

“BullsEye is truly a leader in recognizing the need for innovative services like these that provide a true benefit to their clients. Working together, BullsEye and RedShift are protecting their users from attacks, and proactively detecting and remediating robocall fraud in their network. Unified Communication Threat Management software and Condor Labs Security Threat Research delivers a real-time strategy to BullsEye’s clients with a robust set of time-saving security capabilities including early detection, reporting and the ability to automatically block VoIP threats,” said Amitava Mukherjee, President, CEO & Co-Founder of RedShift Networks.

In addition to real-time unified thread research by RedShift, BullsEye’s growing product suite includes SD-WAN, cloud security, VoIP-based key systems, Broadband, traditional phone service, and IoT all customized and optimized to meet each client’s specific needs. Additionally, BullsEye’s clients enjoy the day-to-day benefits of having engineers who are well-versed in the latest technologies and who communicate directly with customers.

About RedShift Networks
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, RedShift Networks is the global leader in providing Cyber Security solutions for Global Carrier and Cloud Communications Operators to secure and protect their VoIP/SIP based networks. Our Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM) software and appliance-based systems deliver VoIP/SIP Security, Threat Intelligence Analytics, and Fraud detection technology. Our highly scalable, reliable and patented UCTM software allows for unprecedented real-time visibility into operator’s VoIP networks allowing our customers to immediately detect and automatically mitigate security attacks and fraudulent events. For more information, visit www.redshiftnetworks.com.

About BullsEye
BullsEye Telecom provides secured communications, powerful networks and advanced technologies to thousands of business locations across the US. For 20 years, BullsEye’s industry experts have customized solutions that give our customers the peace of mind to focus on their core business. Our 99% client retention rate demonstrates that BullsEye delivers an industry-leading customer experience. If you are ready to streamline your business communications, contact BullsEye to learn more – www.bullseyetelecom.com.

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