Real-Time Video, Voice Services Gain Critical New Cloud Security Offering from Redshift Networks

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RedShift Networks Cloud UCTM Delivers Granular Control, Security, Analytics and Fraud Protection for Critical Real-time Unified Communications Business Services

SILICON VALLEY, CA – June 18, 2020

RedShift Networks today announced a new cloud service offering for Service providers and Enterprises to securely accelerate their migration to popular growing Unified Communications/Collaboration (UC) cloud services. The Cloud, Mobility and Remote workforce rapidly enables new transformations and the traditional perimeter is vanishing. Lack of visibility, security & analytics is causing unexpected downtimes, rising security threats and performance delays. This new RedShift Networks cloud service solution solves the global problem of existing cloud-based network security offerings missing costly and time-consuming threat vectors hiding inside real time UC/Collaboration applications. Forecasts note business-critical UC cloud services growing to USD $24.8 billion by 2024 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.5 percent.

RedShift Networks Cloud Unified Communication Threat Management (UCTM) an industry first initiative for securing communication & collaboration applications is available immediately. These capabilities are also available in RedShift’s on-prem and virtual appliance solution. Both operational and capital cost along with time savings benefits from RedShift Networks UCTM Cloud for Communication Service Providers (CSP) and their Enterprise buyers include:

  • No hardware to deploy,
  • Lower annual license fees for customers,
  • Reduced IT operational costs, and
  • Easily remotely and centrally managed.

“The growth in the number of people using VoIP and UCaaS offerings creates a massive opportunity for threat actors and a spike in malicious activity focused at real-time enterprise and CSP systems,” said Zeus Kerravala Principal Analyst, ZK Research. “RedShift Networks 5Cloud UCTM addresses this problem long ignored by businesses and service providers but needs to be taken seriously.”

Enterprises, including global contact centers, need this new approach to automate real-time application traffic security including eMeeting, eMessaging and VDI offerings. Defense in depth approaches are well addressed in the data realm but conspicuously absent from real time cloud security until now. RedShift Networks UCTM Cloud addresses this gap with four (4) critical capabilities:

  1. Non-blocking application inspection with analytics correlations,
  2. Preventing robocalls, VoIP threats, DDoS and TDoS with a real-time threat service,
  3. Eliminating more than 40,000 different real time threats from “bad actors” at multiple application layers based on traffic analysis, and
  4. Advanced threat protection globally in real-time with a virtual, software or cloud-based solution

Moving beyond the data-vector of popular secure web gateways, RedShift Networks UCTM Cloud protects the real-time security gap of UCaaS products. RedShift’s approach incorporates and extends secure web gateway functionality while addressing the market beyond data centric solutions that frequently miss unique network and application layer security challenges and requirements of cloud and on premise based Unified Communications, Collaboration, Telephony, Video Conferencing, Voice Conferencing, Contact Center and IMS/5G infrastructures. RedShift customers are using the new UCTM cloud solution to find and eliminate real time application cloud security threats to automate network session, application, and user specific data awareness. This new cloud offering pairs seamlessly with RedShift’s CONDOR research labs to rapidly facilitates 0-day vulnerability identification, signatures, threat intelligence and blacklists rolled out as part of subscription service.

Additional RedShift Networks UCTM Cloud use cases include expedited regulatory compliance reporting based on a robust analytics engine offering customizable vertical industry data for Voice and video compliance on specific standards – Healthcare (HIPAA), Financial Services (GLBA/SOX), Government, privacy (GDPR) and others. The immediate need for RedShift UCTM cloud is evident with current health issues and increased enterprise requirements for remote working, including the COVID-19 Pandemic. Easy and secure extension of enterprise real time apps is clearly addressed with a seamless deployment in the cloud.

“RedShift’s new cloud-native UCTM offering delivers our award-winning product and technology to every type of customer  – Service Providers and Enterprises – in their choice of hardware, software and cloud-based product form factors,” says Amitava Mukherjee, CEO and Co-Founder at RedShift Networks.

RedShift Networks UCTM solutions all provide comprehensive protection of all SIP based networks regardless of topology including:

  • Security at the Core – using Scale out architecture, providing five-9s reliability, and with Near-Zero False Positives and False Negatives
  • Security at the Cloud – provides Zero Trust Network Access for all VoIP/UC endpoints, performs deep IDS/IPS/UC-aware FW checks, protect against Stealth DOS attacks, provides UC-ACLs and segmentation, performs endpoint integrity checks and compliance
  • Security at the Branch – provides comprehensive UTM functionality, SW-defined & 1-click provisioned from the cloud, MSP or Service Provider

About RedShift Network

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, RedShift Networks is the global leader in providing Cyber Security solutions for Global Carrier and Cloud Communications Operators to secure and protect their VoIP/SIP based networks. Our Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM) software and appliance-based systems deliver VoIP/SIP Security, Threat Intelligence Analytics, and Fraud detection technology. Our Robocall data base, and support for STIR/SHAKEN allow for regulatory compliance while our highly scalable, reliable and patented UCTM software allows for unprecedented real-time visibility into operator’s VoIP networks allowing our customers to immediately detect and automatically mitigate security attacks and fraudulent events. For more information, visit

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