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RedShift Networks Ensures the Security of Your Cloud-based, Real-time Unified Communications and Collaboration, Including VoIP and Video


RedShift Networks’ vision and mission centers around offering customers cost-savings security, advance threat intelligence analytics for VoIP network surveillance and fraud detection alongside mitigation. RedShift Networks UCTM solution offers cloud operators, carriers and MSPs rapid trouble shooting and real-time threat protection.  The complete solution suite scales beyond legacy SIP offerings to offer industry-leading active sessions, users per instance, real-time VoIP security threat updates, decreasing numbers of fraud incidents per year, ID of SIP BotNet attacks and revenue savings.

RedShift Networks Helps Customers Save Money and Boost Revenue

  • Identifying more than 27 million VoIP Security threat alerts across the installed base and over 13 thousand Fraud incidents per year, approximately 250 per week
  • Observing over 5 thousand SIP BotNet attacks targeting each UCTM system deployed on a continuous basis
  • Securing operators valuable client assets, halt malicious activity and prevent further loss, saving customers millions of dollars in revenue loss due to cyberattacks and fraudulent behavior
  • Scaling nearly 50 International and Domestic Carrier Deployments, Averaging 10 to 12 concurrent operator trials
  • Processing nearly 6 million active concurrent sessions, supporting more than 44 million users/customers

The UCTM solution from RedShift, including the VoIP Threat Intelligence Network software subscription services and Condor Labs research, is available through Resellers. RedShift Marketing and Sales partnerships include Gigamon, Splunk, and several technology vendors. The company’s UCTM patented product and solutions have received several awards including SC Magazine Finalist 2016, Red Herring Global 100, Tie50, Product of the Year – Internet Telephony, Spiffy Award finalist; Speaker at SIPNOC, CFCA forum, and the Telecom Exchange & Telecom Council of Silicon Valley.

Real-time SIP Security

  • T-DoS, RoboCalls, BotNet and Zero-day attacks
  • Known/unknown SIP vulnerabilities
  • Complete visibility into all SIP activity Network, Application and User layers
  • Protection against over 40,000 different VoIP threats and attacks
  • Correlate all alerts and events
  • Consolidated picture of attack activity
Insightful VoIP Security

Real-time Fraud Detection

  • Protect against all forms of fraud
  • Toll fraud, subscriber fraud, PBX hacking, roaming, premium rate service, IRSF; Calls forwarded international destination, DRSF-Short Stopping and Traffic Pumping
  • Fraud dashboard – Alerts for volume, duration and cost based thresholds – RoboCalls, TDOS, Toll Fraud, IRSF
  • Financial dashboard – Carrier costs and cost-based alerts
Unified Threat Management

Threat Intelligence Analytics

  • Proactively block threats based on alert severity level
  • Advanced analytics at network, application, and user layers
  • Rich forensic and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Identify areas of SIP network under stress, or displaying suspicious activities
  • Registration group tracking by domain
  • Deep packet inspection (DPI) of Codec and Session Description Protocol (SDP) parameters
Real-time VoIP Analytics


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