Pricing & How to Buy

RedShift Networks takes pride in being able to meet the customized needs of our customers in a flexible and agile manner.

We believe that you will find doing business with RedShift to be a refreshing change of pace, and that starts with being up-front about pricing and how to buy our leading UCTM solutions.

Active Session Pricing and Flexible Finance Terms

RedShift pricing model is based on the total number of active sessions (concurrent calls) that will be processed by a UCTM system.  The systems are offered as either virtual UCTM software RTU license or the UCTM appliance hardware (“turn-key”, COTS server). The virtual software and appliance-based systems are sized to accommodate your peak traffic requirements and locations.

RedShift Finance structures financial packages to meet any unique customer CAPEX or OPEX needs.  Each finance package is tailored to meet your CFO’s requirements and expectations.

Recurring & Non-Recurring Charges

Our quotes include a Non-Recurring Charge (NRC) for product and services, and annual recurring costs (RC) for Threat Intelligence Updates and Annual Technical Support. In some cases, at the customers’ option, a Subscription Service may be set up with a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC). The NRC includes the UCTM platform, Centralized Management System (CMS), training, installation support, system tuning, and additional professional services, as needed, and application licenses.

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The Annual Support cost includes technical support, scheduled upgrades, access to bug fixes and access to new feature-packed releases that occur every 13-15 weeks.  The Threat Intelligence Updates is are developed from attacks and threats observed worldwide.  We push the latest signatures and blacklist / whitelist updates to each UCTM system deployed so that our customers’ networks are constantly updated with the latest threats and attacks vectors.


The UCTM appliance system is delivered preconfigured with the UCTM software loaded on the server.  Installation generally takes 15 to 20 minutes; requiring connections from the Layer 2 switch for tapping traffic on the public facing side (access) of the Session Border Controller, to the RedShift Ethernet tap ports 2-11, depending on the model.

The UCTM software RTU license requires that you supply the physical server running Linux OS with VMWare installed with version ESXi 6.0, and making them remotely accessible via VPN for RedShift engineer support.


RedShift offers 8 hours of Training Services that include remote Training and Monitoring for UCTM Products. The training is delivered as 2 one-hour sessions per week over a 4-week period based on your availability.  Additional training is available on an hourly basis. On-site training is available on a T&E basis.

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