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“Once I saw how RedShift  UCTM used a combination of detection mechanisms and real-time anomalous traffic signatures to allow us to detect pre-fraud events at the perimeter of our network and react in real-time, I knew it was the right tool to add to Allied’s infrastructure.”

Robert Dawson, Director of Unified Communications Solutions, Allied Telecom

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“With the rise of toll fraud across voice platforms, AveriStar’s customer priority centers around finding and integrating a solution like the RedShift Networks UCTM platform.”

Mark Averi, Co-founder and CEO, AveriStar

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“Our clients now have access to an incredible portfolio of cloud, voice and unified communications security protection through our partnership with RedShift Networks. Together, we are preventing theft, fraudulent transactions and service downtime.”

Vilas Uchil, Vice President of Technology & Engineering, BullsEye

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“The defense in depth security strategy that we propose through our association with Redshift Networks brings our customers to the highest security level, with advanced back-end fraud monitoring and user behavior analytics.”

Patrick Bergougnou, CEO, Cirpack

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“Secure voice communications is an essential part of our offering. Our partnership with RedShift Networks will further support our mission to provide customers with an all-encompassing Cyber framework.”

Steven Francesco, Chairman and CEO, Cohere Cyber Secure

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“Our clients appreciate the complete transparency of ConnX ML/AIOps managed services including powerful anti-fraud and Robocall solutions from RedShift Networks.”

Steven Pitchon, Managing Director, ConnX

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This global carrier estimated that they were losing $10M per year on unauthorized activity and threats to their network. This fraudulent activity resulted in downtime, loss of engineering resources, billing errors, and potential customer churn.

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RedShift Network’s UCTM solution protects the networks of this government’s central energy agency against many of the industry’s VoIP Cyber Security threats.

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“70 percent of call recipients say they won’t answer calls if they don’t recognize the phone number… 67 percent say they let most calls go to voicemail causing further business productivity and transaction delays.” RedShift helps customers block billions of Robocalls, saving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gary Gluzman, Executive Director, Product Management, MetTel

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“Adding [RedShift UCTM] offers improvements to a network that is already distinguished and trusted by corporations and carriers worldwide.”

Mark Marquez, Executive Vice President of Technology, Momentum

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RedShift Network’s software, AFI intelligence and SIP Botnet Threat Intelligence feed helps this MSO proactively block attacks coming from known SIP Bots from around the world.

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“By deploying RedShift, we now see every one of our data centers in a single view for all forms of fraud, hacking attempts, and more, for fast remediation and defense. RedShift offers a huge time and attack coverage advantage, and provides many useful tools beyond ‘anti-fraud’.”

Tom Swayze, EVP Technology, NetFortris

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“At Reinvent, we understand that today’s VoIP networks are as vulnerable to cyberattacks as data networks. That’s why we’re doubling down on network security to give our partners and their customers the protection – and peace of mind – they deserve.”

Bill Bryant, President, Reinvent Telecom

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“Our customers’ networks support mission-critical services essential to their businesses and the communities where they operate. RedShift Networks’ solution delivers intelligent real-time security to help guarantee our clients’ profitability, safety and business continuity.”

Paulo Cabestré, CEO, Trópico

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