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Advanced VoIP and SIP security and network monitoring is a rapidly growing business for enterprise-managed service deployments.  Securing customer UC/VoIP networks through RedShift Networks Managed Service Provider Partner (MSPP) Program gives service providers the opportunity to offer customers, along with an innovative SIP Trunking solution.  SIP trunking delivers carrier-service based voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and streaming media services to enterprises using SIP. MSPP participants benefit through easy to manage, unified communications using SIP-based private branch exchange (IP-PBX) and unified communications facilities.


RedShift’s secure VoIP managed service constitutes the industry’s first comprehensive Unified Communications Security Solution and qualifies providers for substantial product family discounts. Through the MSPP Program, RedShift Networks delivers all the key hardware, software and service components of threat defense targeting real-time VoIP and Video communication attacks. Full leverage of SIP Threat Intelligence and Condor Labs research delivers proactive threat management update services.

Benefits of using RedShift products to create at UC Network Operations Center (NoC) include:

  • Deliver high-availability security operation center with 24/7 services
  • Establish and maintain an acceptable security, analytics and fraud prevention baseline
  • Reduce the number of operational security personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train and retain
  • Providing operators and their enterprise clients with proven UCTM protection as one comprehensive management platform

With a Managed UCTM from RedShift Networks, operators deliver a 21st century UC NoC with the latest security tools, services and technology available to defend their UC networks from attack in a cost-effective and cohesive solution. Managed UCTM services provides operator customers with global network wide management and monitoring services for enterprise UC/VoIP service networks. By augmenting the RedShift Network system with proactive monitoring, service alerts, and threat management response services, Managed Services Partners ensure businesses networks and services are safe and reliable.

Manage Costs

RedShift’s UCTM consolidates spending on multiple layers of Unified Communications protection all the way up through the application layer to help your team manage costs. This helps your business avoid hiring an additional full-time employee, investing in multiple different threat management offerings and stretching your current staff too thin.

Address Compliance

Our MSPP services address the regulatory management and monitoring of HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and general security awareness training needs. RedShift’s Centralized Management System and Correlation Engine (CMS) offers powerful analytics including log data storage, monitoring systems for security events and periodic scanning of systems for security vulnerabilities.

Provide Consistency

Hiring, training and retaining qualified staff is costly. What happens if they leave the company? RedShift Networks’ MSPP offers enterprises UCTM continuity and consistency. The addition of a SIP Trunking options delivers cost-effective communications between employees at any Enterprise location and their VoIP service provider.

Detect Ransomware

RedShift Networks SIP Threat Intelligence and Condor Labs Research team detect thousands of ransomware and other malware variants. These zero-day analogous traffic threats pose a catastrophic impact on your network if not discovered. We notify you of detection, and work with you to quickly eradicate any threat.

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