Centralized Management System

RedShift Networks Centralized Management System (CMS)

CSPs depend on the Centralized Management System (CMS) to gain an intelligent UC central nervous system that allows them to manage and aggregate data for multiple geographically dispersed UCTM systems, including Big Data analytics for real-time insight.  With the explosive growth of VoIP-based services, organizations struggle to maintain real-time security. RedShift Centralized Management System offers greater visibility, tighter control, with less effort. CSPs leverage RedShift’s Centralized Management System to effortlessly connect multiple UCTM instances without straining already overworked security teams by offering:

  • Easy to Automate Policy Enforcement
  • Streamline Management and Automation
  • Proactive VoIP Cyberattack Prevention

Expedite the Identification of, and Response to, Security Incidents

Centralized Management System advantages help customer’s network operations control (NoC) teams to easily communicate with others and eliminated overwhelming alerts that delay identification of critical security issues. Without RedShift UCTM, Threat Intelligence and Condor Labs standing guard, CSPs often miss UC and VoIP security issues altogether. RedShift’s Centralized Management System delivers a single-pane-of-glass for visibility across all RedShift instances while expediting the identification of and response to security incidents. CSPs benefit with simplified management tasks while delivering comprehensive controls and deep visibility into network-wide traffic analytics and emerging security threats. RedShift’s Centralized Management System helps CSP operations teams easily manage all aspects of device configuration, push global policies, and generate deep analytics reports on traffic patterns or security incidents — all from a single console, all at global carrier and enterprise scale.

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