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RedShift Networks Insightful VoIP Security Module

RedShift’s UCTM helps CSPs build a Defense in Depth (DID) security architecture model in Core Telecom networks. Traditional Enterprise networks offer more than 70 Cyber security categories and will create a $220b market by 2021. In contrast, today’s CSP telecom security barely offers 5 categories for Voice and Telecom services. This disparity in category options and market spending clearly shows the need for Telecom Carriers to protect against thousands of VoIP attack vectors using a new Cybersecurity architecture and paradigm to protect core carrier networks. RedShift calls this new approach UCTM. UCTM helps CSPs stop both known and unknown SIP attacks, prevent future SIP exploits and securely cover 12 categories from network layer to voice fuzzing to UC application layer threats.


protects against more than 40,000 different VoIP threats & attacks

RedShift’s VoIP security module protects against more than 40,000 different VoIP threats & attacks, including:

  • Detection and auto-mitigation of Cyberprobes, Robocalls,DoS, Botnet attacks, and Registration Hijacking
  • Exploitation of both known and unknown SIP vulnerabilities against well-known VoIP Devices – End Points/IP PBX/Softswitches/Softclients/Applications, etc.
  • A comprehensive and correlated view of Attack activity
  • Real-time Global SIP/RTP Threat Intelligence and automatic blacklist updates

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Both RedShift’s SIP Threat Intelligence Service and Condor Labs add a layered security blanket that protects CSP customers and their enterprises. 45 operators worldwide already depend on UCTM for real-time, context-driven visibility into unauthorized activities to mitigate threats including Denial of Service (DoS), Botnet attacks and Robocalls for LTE/VoLTE/VoIP/IMS Networks.  Customers depend on this approach to establish a VoIP/SIP/UC Cybersecurity network operations center (NoC or SoC).  A UCTM’s NoC easily manages and aggregates data for securing multiple geographically-dispersed deployments.  Actionable Big Data analytics delivers real-time services insight to visualize both positive and negative VoIP traffic flows.

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