Turn-key Physical UCTM Appliances

RedShift Networks Turn-key Physical UCTM Appliances

For CSPs requiring a dedicated appliance, RedShift offers COTS-based, turn-key physical UCTM appliances, including patented software for Secure Cloud Communications. There are several appliance options available offering an increasingly high number of scalable concurrent carrier-class user sessions with 99.999% reliability. The UCTM appliance deployment option is also relevant for managed service providers (MSPs) to extend VoIP/UC security to the enterprise.  RedShift hardware appliance options include:


Support Up to 100,000 Active Sessions and Millions of Users

RedShift helps eliminate costly cybersecurity and fraud activity for cloud-based service providers while supporting up to one thousand active sessions and thousands of users per Ethernet segment. According to a CyberSecurity Venture report, Cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. RedShift helps cloud-based service providers support up to 100,000 active sessions and millions of users. This approach offers massive scale opportunities for UC providers & facilities-based carriers seeking network core protection for tens of thousands of active sessions and hundreds of thousands of VoIP/UC subscribers.  RedShift UCTM appliances offer complete carrier-class protection, including high performance calls-per-second, active registrations, and SIP session support in a standard high-availability configuration and includes flexible upgrades, and optional FPS interfaces deliver long term investment protection. Redundancy and NEBS-compliant UCTM systems are also available.

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