Virtual UCTM Software

RedShift Networks Virtual UCTM Software

Virtual UCTM software is scalable and streamlines service delivery for communications service providers (CSP) based on the number of active sessions. Benefits of deploying RedShift’s virtual UCTM software solution include:

  • Real-time security threat detection and mitigation
  • Real-time toll fraud detection and mitigation
  • Rapid troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Hardware congruency for CSP (COTS)

Deploying Virtual UCTM Software Requires Fewer
Servers, Extends the Lifespan of Existing Hardware

This also means reduced energy costs. Unseen leaks, floods, power outages, cyber-attacks, theft and natural disasters often wipe out hardware and data essential to CSP enterprise customers. Virtualization securely expedites infrastructure recovery using less manpower and a fraction of the equipment.  RedShift’s virtual appliance also delivers business continuity with “always on” employee access to UCTM software, files and communications. This RedShift approach benefits admins and network operators who install and maintain software, distribute updates and maintain a more secure global network.

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