The ROI of VoIP Security

The ROI of VoIP Security and Real-time UCaaS Robocall Prevention

Enterprise and Cloud Provider security is increasingly important for applications and users. Improving upon traditional layered firewall and intrusion-based security, RedShift Networks VoIP and UCaaS-savvy protection offers layers of protection and analytics to prevent dangerous and costly inroads into businesses causing productivity and profitability losses.

These losses are sizable and now mostly preventable. Select global losses in the VoIP and Unified Security industry include:

Unlike prior generations of network security, RedShift Networks Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM) defends against a broad class of nuisance and malicious calls delivered via an oft-stolen VoIP or Unified Communications (UC)-based computer system. To help customers understand the problems, costs, details and ultimately ROI here is a hyperlinked resourced table.

RedShift Networks solution helps customers prevent revenue loss of $25,000 daily or nearly $1 million per exploit by the time the hack is discovered after two months. Malicious examples include automated telemarketing/voice spam, traffic pumping, number harvesting, voice phishing, impersonations, call spoofing and scammers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers gained an average of $430 for each successful connection, reported an average more than 250,000 robocall complaints every two weeks, out of which 35,000 are new numbers.

To best illustrate the ROI of using the RedShift Networks solution, here are recent real world use cases at enterprise and Service Provider customers:

Problem $Loss/time Why RedShift Networks? Solution Details Customer ROI Using RedShift Networks
SIP EyeBeam User Agent
$26,000 daily Proactively recognize malicious EyeBeam Softclients instead of authorized Motorola ONT UCTM detected and blocked unauthorized SIP traffic, fraudulent UC calls 55 days covering both CapEx and OpEx costs
UC Post Dial Delay Jitter and Latency $20,000 daily Pinpoint and solve root of poor UC service RedShift UCTM analytics identified and helped remediate the problem in minutes instead of days 110 days proactively finding problems before enterprise or carrier customers experience poor service
Toll Fraud
Traffic Pumping
$122,000 monthly Rule set up for legitimate call tracking using volume and duration UCTM platform prevents fraudulent carrier traffic from generating illegal revenue in upstream carriers and enterprise customers 87 days plus more than $100,000 in lost revenue
Preventing Robocalls
and other Abusive UC calls
$34,000 daily average up to $1,000,000 monthly Customize analytics and reporting to alert carrier and enterprise IT management UCTM intelligently allows only authentic and approved Session Recording Client origin to destination connections 23 days plus prevents costly cloud carrier customer churn of $250,000 per enterprise
SIP Threat Intelligence
Disables Number Harvesting Attack
$27,000 daily up to $100,000 Malicious users harvesting valid numbers, fraudulent activity propagates starting with legitimate ID RedShift analytics detects and prevents fraudulent activity using customizable dashboard, identify fraud across multiple IP addresses and different countries 3 days up to 32 days to stop fraudulent attacks including prevention of additional fraud attacks

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Attacks Globally Impacting Enterprise and Carrier Customers

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