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UCTM secures Cloud-based VoIP network services including the real time detection of anomalous VoIP traffic without added overhead or degradation to network performance.  VoIP Cloud operators and hosted service providers deliver several benefits including superior cost performance, access to enhanced Unified Communication services, ease of management, and investment protection. Cloud service operators hold an increased concentration of client service information and resources within their operations that also pose added security risk.

By adding RedShift’s product, CSPs gain valuable service and reliability as key components of business grade Unified Communication delivery. CSPs and their Enterprise customers expect cloud operators to offer comparable availability and security to premise-based PBX, voice mail, and network services. This ability to deliver flexible and scalable service solutions is gained through customers relinquishing much of the control of the system to the operator.

Expedite the Identification of, and Response to, Security Incidents

Real-time security, analytics and fraud prevention using RedShift’s UCTM offering delivers a cost-effective shield vs. expensive ala carte approaches to:

  • Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS)
    Protection against a communication port or relay opening, even for a few seconds. TDoS is a severe attack preventing subscribers from accessing the network and effectively shutting down the service.
  • Exploitation and Toll Fraud
    Fortify weak authentication at a customer endpoint before it is exploited for toll fraud. Billing and call management systems become compromised, UCTM prevents shielding the attack from detection for hours or days so the attacker can’t steal expensive international calling services.
  • Unauthorized traffic and protocol injection
    Harden media or signaling streams for authorized-only use to wall-off savvy network attackers and access confidential information contained in voice mail, customer directories, or other databases used to store subscriber information. Injection is also used by cyber attackers to eavesdrop on VoIP calls.
  • Layered Security Model
    UC Cloud operators must implement comprehensive and manageable security policies across all cyber threat models including: access control, threat analysis, and disaster recovery planning. These layers coupled with authentication schemes, password protections, and encryption requirements will aid in protection, but are far from comprehensive.
  • Analytics and Threat Intelligence
    CSPs use basic security policies to strengthen VoIP provider defenses. They require the added ability to monitor, enhance, and enforce security protections on a 7×24 basis.

Unified Communications dependence on open standards and technologies offers both efficiency and security weaknesses powerfully addressed by RedShift’s UCTM offerings. Delivering Cloud-based services requires CSPs consider the security impact of managing valuable and sensitive customer communications in an environment fraught with vulnerabilities and compromise. RedShift helps Cloud service providers avoid the costly and time-consuming task around creating a complex array of specialized security solutions to protect email, web services, and databases.

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