Dr. Jan UddenfeldtFormer CTO and Senior VP at Ericcson

    Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt is one of the main inventors and industry drivers of wireless technology i.e. GSM and mobile broadband 3G and 4G LTE . He is the former global CTO and Senior VP at Ericsson , where he worked from 1978 from to 2010. He was heading R&D for the company during the 15 period when Ericsson innovated and developed wireless technologies such as GSM, 3G and Bluetooth. His expertise and leadership drove the development of advanced wireless technologies into the Internet and broadband era. He is widely recognized for his contributions to the GSM standard and he was pioneering the work for 3G UMTS and later to include 4G LTE.

    He is also the former CTO and Senior VP of Sony Mobile , where he was leading the technology transition of the company into Android smart phones during 2010-2013.

    Dr. Uddenfeldt was inducted into the American Wireless Hall of Fame in 2014 and has received many prestigious awards for his contributions to the wireless industry e.g. the German Eduard Rhein award (1997), the Swedish Royal Academy of engineering sciences Gold Medal (2005), the Japanese C&C Prize (2014).

    He is currently active in Silicon Valley as an independent Senior Advisor and Board Member both to multi-billion dollar companies and to Startup companies in technology fields ranging from novel display technologies to big data analytics software.

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