Jim ZeitlinVice President of Operations

    Jim Zeitlin serves as Vice President of Operations for RedShift Networks. In this capacity, Mr. Zeitlin is responsible for overseeing the Company’s internal operations, pre-sales support, professional services, technical & customer support, and trade compliance. Mr. Zeitlin has proven instrumental in the success of RedShift Networks’ UCTM product rollouts in the operator customer sector, both in the US and in Latin America.

    Prior to assuming the role as Vice President of Operations, Mr. Zeitlin served as a senior business advisor to RedShift Networks, during which time he worked to establish the initial relationships with major manufactures in the telecom service provider industry including Plantronics Polycom, Broadsoft and Genband.

    Related experience includes over 20 years in executive management and product engineering in several renowned companies, including telecom and manufacturing in the emerging ISP, Voice and Video industry. Jim was most recently CEO/Founder of FourTen Systems, a startup in the video space, and CEO/President at Klamath Networks. Prior to that Jim was CTO at VPackets and an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at the VC firm Sevin Rosen. Jim was also one of the first employees at Ascend Communications, rising to the rank of General Manager of their Internet/CLEC Business Unit. And further, Senior Vice President at Lucent Technologies, as well as previous roles with the CLEC Group and with Sun Communications, where he also represented the Internetworking group on the Bell Labs CTO committee.

    He is also President of VCP Investments – a commercial real estate investment firm where he owns and operates a substantial portfolio.

    Mr. Zeitlin studied Physics at the University of California Berkeley.

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