Phanindra JujjavarapuVice President of Engineering & Co-Founder

    Phanindra Jujjavarapu, Vice President of Engineering and Co-Founder of RedShift Networks leads the strategic positioning and migration of new technologies into RedShift Networks highly successful solutions portfolio and is also responsible for the development of the technology and architecture. Mr. Jujjavarapu is the driving force for engineering across international cross-functional teams. Since Mr. Jujjavarapu began his work with RedShift Network he has expanded the RedShift Networks product suite with three new, first to market product solutions and is one of the key contributors responsible for two of the patents approved under the RedShift Networks name.

    Mr. Jujjavarapu brings more than 20 years of industry experience including, hands on executive engineering, management of software development operations across international cross-functional teams in startups and in leading technology companies.

    Phanindra Jujjavarapu held the VP of Engineering at IPInfusion (sold to Access), and Founding CEO and VP of Software Engineering at Maple Optical Systems. Prior to this Mr. Jujjavarapu was in engineering management roles at Ascend Communications (bought by Lucent), Cisco Systems, Excelan (sold to Novell) and National Semiconductor.

    Mr. Jujjavarapu received MS in Computer Science from Old Dominion University.

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